Full Colour VMS

Full Colour VMS

We offer the sale and rent of Full Colour Mobile LED Signs (VMS). These high impact vehicles are for eye-catching advertisement, ideal for breaking through the clutter of standard ad methods. This state-of-the-art mode of broadcasting employs wide-angle solar-powered LED lamps with automatic brightness detectors. Having automatic dimmers installed means that despite the fluctuating light conditions and environmental factors, your message will remain prominent. The high-impact nature of VMS is an effective way to make direct contact to your audience based on geographical location, and without limits on when it can be utilized – it provides an around-the-clock mode of message amplification.

Our friendly team of operators will handle the delivery, take you through an easy tutorial on how to display and edit your message and collect the equipment once the rental period draws to a close. The all-bases-covered style of VMS rental means that advertising your business or project has never been so easy.

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